Windsurfing Tarifa

Thanks to its ideal situation on the Straits of Gibraltar opposite Africa, where the Atlantic 
and Mediterranean meet, with constant winds, Tarifa is known as the European capital of 
windsurfing. The expansive golden beaches to the north of the town (Playa de los Lances 
and Playa Valdevaqueros) are ideal for windsurfing enthusiasts. 
Tarifa is the perfect destination to try out the sport as the sun shines nearly all year round 
and more importantly, a number of windsurfing schools and equipment shops offer 
classes as well as options to hire or buy boards and sails. 
The best windsurfing months are May to November. During summer time the dominating 
wind is the Levante, blowing from the east and in autumn and spring it is the Poniente, 
blowing from the west. 
Here you will find everything worth knowing about windsurfing, no matter if you're a 
beginner or if you can't eat or breathe without thinking about windsurfing. This renowned 
area has so much to offer for everyone; even your non windsurfing interested family 
members will love this beautiful beach haven. 
Our staff at V… will be happy to offer suggestions for local windsurfing companies and 
schools. With an abundance of perfect windsurfing locations to choose from, another 
suggestion for deciding which beach to go to is to is to visit a local surf shop (and with so 
many around, it is quite easy to find one) and ask where is the best windsurfing for that 
day. Whether you are looking for flat water or waves and onshore or offshore winds, you 
will be able to find a spot with the perfect conditions.