Blue fin Tuna:
Traditional “Almadraba”
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Hotel V... in partnership with Nature Tarifa offers quality and exclusive ocean activities and tailor made nautical excursions. These nautical tours are surrounded by nature, history and unspoilt beaches of the spectacular Costa de la Luz.  Away from the crowds and completely at your leisure, chose an excursion that best suits your interests. Whether you'd like a peaceful sailing tour, the thrill of deep sea fishing or the excitement of whale watching, Nature Tarifa will accommodate you in exclusive style.

The beaches in the south of Cádiz are considered the best on the entire Spanish coastline. Thanks to the many Nature Reserves and special geographical and environmental conditions, they have been pristinely preserved over the years. 

Bolonia Beach with it's fine golden sand and active dune is home to Baelo Claudia, an archaeological site, declared a National Historic Monument. This Roman city was founded in the late 2nd century B.C. and is a unique and unforgettable experience.  This type of trip is highly recommended for families with small children, who will undoubtedly enjoy the experience in a peaceful setting.

Zahara Beaches situated in El Estrecho Nature Reserve are idyllic beaches with turquoise waters and golden sand so it is easy to anchor and spend a relaxing day on board in a luxurious environment.

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing sailing cruise or experience the incredible feeling of yacht racing, the Strait of Gibraltar is the perfect place both for its weather and geographical location. As well, the Strait of Gibraltar is probably the best place in Europe to practice sport fishing; from late spring to early autumn, the most popular species for sport fishermen gather in these waters.

Nature Tarifa is the only company authorized to visit the incredible migration (levantás) of Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna, considered to be the most powerful fish in the ocean.  You will witness the expert and complex maneuvers of the Almadrabas of Cádiz, an elaborate, age-old Mediterranean fishing technique dating back to ancient Phoenician times and introduced by the Moors. This is one of the most spectacular natural history events of these shores and is without a doubt a unique opportunity that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.  May through mid June are the peak months. 

Nature Tarifa would love to have you join them on one of their spectacular tours or you can customize your very own unforgettable nautical adventure.  The sailing boats in the associated fleet are located in the Bay of Algeciras and participate in many yacht races in the area and therefore it is advised that you make your plans and bookings well in advance.