Kitesurfing Tarifa

Tarifa is already known as the European capital of windsurfing. The beaches of this historic Moorish town have also now established themselves as a world-class destination for another hugely popular, and very beautiful, wind-powered watersport: kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding.) Kitesurfing involves catching waves on a surfboard, propelled by a kite which is attached to the surfer using a body harness, and then jumping into the air.
Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing watersports at the moment and there are more and more people discovering it every year. The great advantage of kitesurfing compared to other watersports is that it is relatively easy and fast to learn. Most people need only a couple of kitesurfing lessons to reach the level they need to rent kiteboarding equipment or to go kiting independently.
Fans of the sport cite the feeling of exhilaration and freedom as you race over the waves on the board then soar high up in the air, come back down again, and then bide your time till the next chance to fly. For those who come from a surfing background, kitesurfing appeals because it’s easy to catch and ride waves in quick succession rather than having to paddle back out and wait for the perfect wave. Each year in Tarifa, many top Spanish and international kitesurfers join beginners eager to try out this sport, which started in the 1990s.
What is it that sets Tarifa apart as such an ideal destination for fans of watersports such as kite-surfing? It is located in the straits of Gibraltar, a narrow area of sea between northern Africa and southern Europe, where the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet and the resulting difference in air pressure creates an almost constantly-blowing strong western breeze. These conditions are perfect for kitesurfers, who can reach speeds of up to 80 km per hour.
Tarifa is renowned as the best spot for kitesurfing in Spain and among the best kitespots all over the world because it offers so many different conditions, suiting beginners as well as experts.