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Hotel V… organizes custom-made hunting packages to suit both the individual hunter and small groups.  Throughout the season - September through March - thousands of hunters cross half the world to enjoy the challenge of shooting in Spain.

 V… is proud to be partnered with Great Spanish Hunts, one of the oldest and most respected hunting companies in Spain.  With 26 years of experience, they specialize in big game hunting and in driven hunts for Red Legged Partridge.  Seasonal hunts with GSH are a must on the agenda of all the most noteworthy hunters in the world.  With GSH, you will have the most beautiful sport drives that you can find in Spain. GSH services include providing a 4x4 vehicle and an interpreter.

Hunting will take place in various different areas for each desired species. Red deer hunting is approximately 30 minutes from V… The Red deer area produces the highest trophy quality in Spain and some of the biggest trophies are shot here every year. The estate is set on 8,000 hectares of rolling hills and beautiful forest.

Fallow deer and Mouflon locations are one hour from the hotel. The Fallow deer and Mouflon area is within the natural park of the cork tree forest and the absolute record of Fallow deer in Spain was shot in this location. The Mouflon in the area is top class too and gold medals can be found although rare to find in Spain. This estate is absolutely gorgeous with a deep forest; the hunting areas cover around 2,000 hectares.

The Ronda ibex area is the absolute best in the country and is a national preserve with over 10,000 hectares of beautiful mountains.

The excellent climate in the southern region of Spain attributes to the extensive selection of species and trophies, making it one of the most important destinations in the hunting world.  The sportsperson-tourist will have the chance to enjoy the hunt at its absolute best while also experiencing the artistic and cultural treasures of Andalusia.


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